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About the scale and scope of our projects...
We build to suit - according to your requirements. 

At Elk Run Custom Homes we build homes with a passion for the quality, craftsmanship and design features that make the difference between just a good home and a superior residential building. We love the gorgeous mountain setting that we work in and we take great pride in building homes that parallel and complement the beauty of the Bow Valley.

Our building projects reflect the adventurous history and lifestyles associated with the great Rocky Mountains while accommodating contemporary tastes and needs as to finish and fittings. You won't be sacrificing any modern convenience to live "mountain style" in one of our homes!

We derive much satisfaction from successfully executing hard-to-build design features. We don't quit on the details until they are absolutely right. "Just good enough" is not part of our repertoire.  This means that you can expect our houses to be a generous cut above normal, both in terms of building craft and the features that go into the home. We know that details count when talking about quality of construction. We also know that details count concerning your full enjoyment and pride in living in one of our custom homes for many years to come.

Soaring ceilings and rooflines

Qulity amenities and detailing in our kitchens-solid woods, granite and unique slate tiles Versatility is one of our strengths as a builder...
At Elk Run Custom Homes we don't limit ourselves in our approach to building projects.  While we do take pride in the high-end homes that we build,  we also construct a variety of commercial and residential buildings.
  • Whether your project is a single-family residence, 4-plex, duplex, multi-family or commercial venture,  Elk Run Custom Homes is always ready to work with you, observing the same high standards that are applied in our more exclusive ventures.


Elegant Cabinet detailWe invite you to browse our Homes For Sale page for pictures and details of projects that are either currently for sale or are about to become available.

  • Whatever the scale of your project, call
    Elk Run Custom Homes when you demand quality construction and attention to details.
  • We will custom build to your specifications OR we will sell you a completed home from our inventory.
  • We are proud participants in a "National Home Warranty" program so you can be sure your house will meet exceptional building and performance standards and be a home you will love and cherish for years to come.


Bathroom with a forest view We hope the pages and pictures in this website  will give you a sense of our capability, experience, versatility and flexibility.

Visit our Gallery and our Homes for Sale pages for more pictures and details of our projects.

Telephone 403-678-7483

Elk Run Custom Homes
116 Eagle Terrace Road
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
T1W 2Y5
Phone/Fax: 403.678.4711
Sales: 403.678.7483

General Enquiries: homebuilders@elkruncustomhomes.com

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- 2004 Award -
Best Single Family Home
- Canmore Mayor's Award -

National Home Warranty Programs

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